Transgender Surgical Center

One of the first of its kind in the nation, this Transgender Surgical Care Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality advanced surgical care for Transgender and non-binary people. 

Located in an old bank building with large arch windows, the layout takes advantage of view and light coming through south and west arch windows.

Transgender Center provides follow up care for patients during their long surgical procedure duration. Facility has 3 exam rooms and 1 procedure room, all fully equipped with the best patient education technology in a relaxing room setting. Furniture and cabinetry in the exam room is designed to optimize spatial efficiency and medical hygiene.    

Reception room has a standing area as well as comfortable seating to meet the patient's physical comfort while waiting. 

Reception area wall has Sol Lewitt art “ WD #1173 Bands of Six Colors In Four Directions”  installed for the enjoyment of Transgender patients, visitors and staff.  


New York


Mount Sinai



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