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Our studio believes in a collaborative process that includes diversity, culture and experience that yields more knowledge and better creativity.  We believe in a mutually inclusive design process, working together with designers, engineers, and various stake holders. We believe our design should yield a building solution that can improve the daily life of the people who are using the space.



Reducing the environmental footprint of the buildings we design is of our highest priority. Advancement in the building science technology allows us to achieve fully self-sustaining buildings like Kyabirwa Surgical Center. We carefully consider every aspect and compliments of the building to maximize energy efficiency and various sustainability aspects.


contextual problem solving

Our studio carefully listens to the clients needs and wishes and considers various contextual aspects for design ideas. Each solution is fully tailored for a specific set of needs and wants.  



We strive to incorporate technology early in the design process to achieve the highest sustainability goals. Our experience teaches us that adaptation of technology to improve building performance does not result in diminished returns for owner, rather it saves money for the owner long term. Adaptation of technology to enhance the user experience is also key to our project success, like the patient education technology we incorporated in Mount Sinai Surgical suits.