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Plastic Surgery Suite


New York, NY


Mount Sinai

New York



Loring Engineering

Mount Sinai Plastic Surgery Faculty Practice Suite is designed to deliver a new type of patient care experience. Advanced patient education technology is integrated into each exam and consult rooms which  provide user friendly interface for doctors and staff to inform and educate the patient.

Moving away from the traditional reception desk, this design incorporates a concierge that greets patients entering the suite. Self-check-in tablets eliminate paperwork and minimize waiting time. Reception area is furnished with swiveling chairs that provides privacy in the small waiting area. North facing windows bring in daylight. Modern artwork is carefully integrated to the space to enhance the character of the space.

Translucency of the glass wall is carefully calibrated to allow natural light to come through but yet provides necessary patient privacy. Interactive touch screen monitors in all key patient rooms provides state of the art patient education capabilities. An extra-large ceiling light fixture provides uniform light without shadows which is ideal for most patient examinations. A dedicated telemedicine suite integrates all tools necessary for remote patient consultation and medical team collaborations. Compact faculty offices have flexible lighting, integrated computer equipment,  and ergonomic furniture.

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