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Observation Tower for the Town of DeSmet


DeSmet, SD


Design Competition



The observation tower design is rooted in a commitment to sustainability and a seamless integration with the surrounding natural environment, culminating in an extraordinary panoramic view from the tower's summit. Embracing eco-friendly practices, we prioritize the use of sustainable materials that not only ensure the longevity of the structure but also minimize its impact on the ecosystem.

Pathways and the tower are designed to create a captivating ecological journey as you traverse the enchanting landscapes of South Dakota's pollinator fields, towering grassy marshes, and sprawling meadows. Wander along an elevated walkway that embraces majestic trees with bird habitat, until you reach the grand tower. This immersive experience is designed to offer not only visual delights but also opportunities for observation, contemplation, relaxation, and educational experiences.

A fully ADA compliant walk/ramp, guides visitors to the tower through a network of paths, bridges, and elevated walks. Utilizing locally available construction materials and techniques, this design incorporates renewable yellow pine power poles as structural columns, reinforced by interior steel columns to ensure structural integrity. Outer wooden columns, arranged at an angle, offer continuous lateral bracing, contributing to the overall stability of the structure. 

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