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Kyabirwa Doctors Quarters


Kyabirwa, Uganda


Global Surgical Initiatives

New York

The New Doctors Quarters is intended to serve as an extended-stay facility for doctors, dignitaries, rotating surgical residents, and other medical training personnel. A two-story east-west arrangement of the rooms provides ample daylight and good cross ventilation to each room.
There are five single rooms with shared toilets, one executive suite, one common lounge/dining area, a laundry room, a battery room, and utility spaces in the facility.

The structure of the building is made up of reinforced concrete beams, columns, and a small amount of steel framing. The building envelope and roof are made of locally manufactured galvanized corrugated tin sheets. The second-floor corridor and roof are supported by Y-shaped exterior steel columns. 

Solar panels on the roof will generate all necessary power for the facility, and a battery system will store any excess power generated for use at night. Due to the anticipated high hot water usage in the quarters, solar water heaters with supplemental water tanks will serve as mass hot water storage.

All roof runoff will be collected and stored in the master underground water tanks for use as greywater throughout the campus.

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