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Middle East Surgical Center


Middle East





The proposed new ambulatory surgical center for the Middle East is designed with two state-of-the-art operating rooms and a small inpatient unit to cater to the community’s  urgent healthcare needs. This fully self-sustaining facility features an advanced medical imaging facility, a cutting-edge medical laboratory, and a pharmacy/medical store, ensuring comprehensive medical services. Remarkably, the center generates all its electricity through a sustainable PV system and efficiently collects and reuses rainwater, emphasizing its commitment to environmental stewardship. Constructed using modular techniques, the center can be rapidly built and quickly equipped, addressing urgent medical infrastructure needs. The building has an inviting, secure, and private courtyard that respects and incorporates local climatic conditions and traditions, providing a calming environment for patients and staff. The architectural design of the building draws from the vernacular style, harmoniously blending modern healthcare functionality with cultural aesthetics.

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