Built as an annex to the existing Kyabirwa Surgical Facility; the new facility provides overnight stay ward, state of the art medical laboratory and staff support facilities. 

2021 AIA Merit Award

Kyabirwa Surgical Ward

One of the first of its kind in the nation, this Transgender Surgical Care center is dedicated to providing the highest quality advanced surgical care for Transgender and non-binary people. 

Transgender Surgical Center

A prototypical ambulatory surgical facility, first of its kind built in Kyabirwa, Uganda. 

2020 AIA Heathcare Award



03 / NOV / 2021

In their Annual 2021 share holder letter, Microsoft lists Kyabirwa Surgical Center as a remarkable achievement.  "Enabling people and organizations to achieve remarkable things".


02 / MAR / 2021

From 7,000 miles apart, Mount Sinai and Ugandan surgeons work together in real time, bringing life-saving expertise to Kyabirwa Surgical Center, Uganda


16 / DEC / 2020

George K George AIA CPHC and Max Moses presents "Passive Design for an Ambulatory Surgical Facility in Kyabirwa,Uganda" at PHIUS North East Regional Conference


01 / OCT / 2020

Mount Sinai Kyabirwa Ambulatory Surgical Facility wins 2020 AIA Healthcare Design Award