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Kyabirwa Surgical Ward

Built as an annex to the existing Kyabirwa Surgical Facility; the new facility provides overnight stay ward, a state-of-the-art medical laboratory, and staff support facilities. 

2023 New York State AIA Award

2023 Progressive Architecture Citation
2022 National AIA Healthcare Award

2021 AIA Tristate Merit Award

One of the first of its kind in the nation, this Transgender Surgical Care center is dedicated to providing the highest quality advanced surgical care for Transgender and non-binary people.

AIA New York 2023 Oculus  "Empathic, Patient-Centered Design" Article 

Reception 2
Front Aerial

A prototypical ambulatory surgical facility, first of its kind built in Kyabirwa, Uganda. 

2020 AIA National Healthcare Award
2020 AIA New York Design Award

Entrance View


Mayukwayukwa Community Center wins 2023 New York State AIA Award

Trail View.jpg


Environmental  Center wins 2023 New York State AIA Awards

Kyabirwa Surgical Ward2


Kyabirwa Ambulatory Surgical Facility Ward wins 2023 New York State AIA Award

Progressive Architecture 70th Year.jpg


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2023 Progressive Architecture Award Citation for "Surgical Center Ward" Project.



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AIA New York Oculus Winter 2023 Article about Mount Sinai Transgender Surgical Center

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