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Surgical Simulation Center


New York


Mount Sinai



Loring Engineers

MC Structural


Surgical simulation center provides trainee surgeons a platform to practice and perfect their surgical skills while being evaluated. 

SIM center is located in the old gymnasium of Mount Sinai nursing school dormitory and takes advantage of the available high ceiling space.

Facility has one fully equipped mock operating room, 2 flexible training rooms, state of the art conference space, control booth and storage space for simulation equipment. All rooms are equipped with multiple large screen monitors, video cameras, audio microphones and 4k video/ audio upstream-downstream capabilities. Light fixtures are programmed to change colors and dimming for specialized surgical simulations.  

Rooms are separated using foldable glass partitions to provide maximum flexible layout configurations and to accommodate needs of multiple medical specialties.  IT infrastructure is designed and installed to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate different kinds of medical simulators including Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.

NanaAwards 2023 - "Best Office"

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