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St Lukes Surgery Suite


New York, NY


Mount Sinai

New York



Syska Engineering

Four main surgical specialty groups are located in this larger suite. Each specialty has its own dedicated reception and patient exam rooms. This suite re-invents the patient experience and integrates the latest technology into every aspect of the doctor-patient interaction. An informal setting with self-check-in stations and a concierge greets patients entering the suite. The reception area is characterized by flexible seating for single or groups. Large circular light fixture in reception area evokes a skylight. Glass walls have carefully calibrated patterns with color that are calming and also acts as suite identifier. Microsoft Hub touch screens provided interactive patient education technology in each patient exam rooms. Sketches and drawings made by the doctor on the large computer screens can be stored and shared with patients as a treatment planning tool. Skylight like lighting in each exam room provides exceptional distributed light without shadows. All administrative functions are housed in a separate area, out of sight from patients.

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